Principals and Management

CLARENCE A. D. MITCHELL is the owner and the Executive Chairman / CEO of Integrated Business Initiatives and Development (IBID) Limited and a Senior International Oilfield Consultant. He is also Chairman/CEO of Panco Limited (a steel-pan manufacturing firm) and Managing Director of the recently-registered Mitchell International Oilfield Services (MIOS) Limited.

He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc. Hons) and the holder of an MBA (Marketing – Hons). Mr. Mitchell has been in the oil and gas industry for forty-plus (40+) years. Eighteen of those years were spent with the national oil company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin). Apart from being an employee of Petrotrin, he has provided consulting services for Texaco, Amoco, BP, ExxonMobil, Statsolie, Chevron, Tullow, Saudi Aramco and various smaller operators across the world.

He has been a Senior International Consultant in the Drilling and Work-over field (including water well drilling) for the last twenty-three (23) years and has acquired significant global experience, at the most senior management levels, over the last seventeen years. He has spanned various continents adding value to operations in Suriname, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the United States of America. He has developed and honed significant skills in oilfield project management (upstream) and contract management.

Mr. Mitchell has traversed the spectrum from operations to management.  He has the general business acumen to convert the “nuts and bolts” processes to “dollars and cents” issues, so that his analyses impacts on cost-constraint policies and the continuous re-engineering of Business Processes. He has also functioned on the board of a telling credit union, chaired a school board and is a past Vice President of Pantrinbago, the governing body for the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, the steel-pan. He retains the position of President of Pantrinbago’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society.

CLARON MITCHELL is a director and graduate of the University of the Trinidad and Tobago, with a B.Sc. degree in Manufacturing Engineering.  Claron also possesses a Post-Graduate Diploma and is presently pursuing an MBA.  He is presently a Logistics Co-ordinator with Petersen Trinidad Limited. He is still engaged as Trainee Drilling Engineer with IBID and has undergone significant practical training (land rig operations) with a view to becoming a well-grounded Drilling and Well Planning Engineer in the very near future. Claron will be figuring, significantly, in the company’s future plans and efforts.

The background, experience and diversity of our board members add significant value to the operations and strategic direction of the company.

Key Associates

Murchison Drilling School (MDS), of the USA, is our premier partner for oilfield training. IBID has been in association with the MDS for the last ten (10) years. MDS offers comprehensive training (in Well Control and Drilling Practices) for the man-on-the-rig and other senior drilling operations personnel and engineers. The company has been offering its services to the US and international market since inception in 1978. It is now one of the major and most reputable oilfield training companies in the industry.


MDS now has offices and representation in Trinidad and Tobago. This company is In-Depth Drilling Solutions LimitedWe are currently affiliated with In-Depth, and can interact with them accordingly.