IBID Upstream Energy Technical Services

Integrated Well Delivery Teams

IBID can facilitate the Wells Delivery Process by connecting the functions of our individual consultants. This team of professionals can ‘own’ a major part of your drilling project and drive your Planning and Execution deliverables.

Individual Consultants

Some of what IBID provides:
  • Drilling Project Managers or Coordinators

  • Drilling Superintendents 

  • Drilling Engineers 

  • Drilling Supervisors 

  • Non-Rig/Rig-less Supervisors

  • Rig personnel

  • Supply Chain and Logistic Coordinators (Drilling Material Coordinators, etc.)

  • Civil Works Consultants

  • Sub-surface Consultants (Geology and Reservoir Engineering)

Full Project Management

IBID regularly provides consultancy services, including:

Develop and Outline Project Plans

Generate Time and Cost Tracking Facilities

Identify Contracting Strategies

Coordinate After-Action Review meetings and End-of-Well Analyses

Other Services

  • Failure Analysis (Tap Root).

  • Operations Manual review and Development

  • Well Engineering Standards and Operating Procedures

  • Rig Audit (Operational and Mechanical) and Analysis (specification and fit-for-purpose exercises).